Sacred Androgyny: Masculinity and Femininity – Left and Right

In order to reach our potential as “awakened” human beings, an interweaving between the sacred masculine and feminine properties must transpire. Physical gender aside, men and women possess traits of both masculine and feminine nature respectively. This process has largely been suppressed, due to both outside circumstances such as the judgmental culture we currently inhabit, and by more personal circumstances like disapproval and the self-conscious ego. Throughout time, men and women alike have simultaneously kept themselves out of true, spiritual balance, because, more often than not, gender roles have shaped society. Societal norms pounded into the head of a child will, in fact, create indoctrinated adults; and that is precisely what has happened on our dear planet. Reclaiming both sides of our sacred sexual energies, we must learn to coalesce them as one to become a truly united being. Staying focused on one side can lead to imbalances in the personality, suppression of the true-self, and other forms of discomfort. Luckily for us, it is very possible to do the inner work required to blend the sacred energies back into one, regardless of childhood programming or so-called “past-karma”, in order to begin to rewrite both our own personal story along with the collective one of humankind on this planet. Let’s jump right into it with some more detailed explanations:

  • The masculine energy is linear, analytical, practical, and logical. He is the left hemisphere of the brain and is rooted in the physical realm of matter. Mathematics and science, critical thinking, realism, and courage are typically found in these energies. The sacred masculine takes action based upon his thoughts and emotions. He stands up for himself and uses self-defense when violently attacked, he is unafraid, and he boldly leads the way into new, uncharted territory, for he trusts his own intuition and intentions. He speaks the truth, even in the face of disapproval, because he is one with it; he serves it. When suppressed or imbalanced, the sacred masculine no longer stands up to the bully, he may abuse his own power by becoming a bully himself, he may feel afraid to act because of possible failure in an endeavor, or he may become inactive and lethargic in his daily life.
  • The feminine energy is creative, tender, patient, and passionate. She is artistic, sensitive, nurturing, sensual, and feeling. She is the right hemisphere of the brain and is based in the spiritual realm of energy. She is the one who rules from the planting of seeds up to the harvest. Simultaneously a guide, both peaceful and nourishing, she will make you feel the warmth of true self-love. When imbalanced, the sacred feminine is out-of-touch with reality. Creative thought and imagination are damn near impossible to come by, which can take a toll on an individual. Intuitive insights tend to come about less often, which can be discouraging. In some cases, mental illness can manifest in the form of depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

Now, one who is first-time reader to this site may assume that getting in touch with your feminine side means something completely different than it actually does, like dressing in women’s clothing, “singing like nobody is listening”, and hula-hooping, or that reclaiming the masculine side means having to watch television sports, practice bodybuilding, become interested in cars or something ridiculous like that. Note that while one is free to do whatever they desire, and they should be proud of whatever it is they are doing, there are no silly practices entailed in this article such as those mentioned previously in this process of integrating the sacred energies. It’s much bigger than that!

First things first, getting back into nature is very important, as the act of grounding to the Earth is a major part of a balanced person’s life. (Generally speaking.) Meditation is a wonderful key which may be used to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, or the two sacred sexual energies of the human system. Along with meditation, Yoga is another tool which can be utilized to balance the properties of masculinity and femininity, while simultaneously detaching one from normal thought-patterns. When a being is in a detached state of consciousness such as one attained in meditation or Yoga, the real questions of life can be answered from within. Many students have discovered their life’s work or purpose while in an altered state of consciousness. However, it is healthy to note that spending too much time in meditation can cause one to sort of “have a break from reality” if they’re accustomed to a life of hustle and bustle in the city. It’s more important to live life in the moment than it ever will be to sit in silence, although it can be used as a tool! One may be inclined to use a sensory-deprivation tank as well.. This is a coffin-like device which is filled with saltwater warmed to body-temperature in which an individual floats in complete darkness for a duration of time to achieve an altered state. Certain entheogenic plant substances may be used as tools to expand consciousness and balance one’s self such as cannabis, psilocybin, ayahuasca, salvia divinorum, iboga, or peyote. (Note: Persons interested in psychedelic substances should always do their own independent research before undertaking any consumption. These substances have been used for centuries by our ancestors and the fertility cults which served as a basis for all religion worldwide, and have largely been suppressed and labeled as “drugs”, when they are in fact, obvious forms of plant medicine which can be used to supplement the search for liberation. Still, I am NOT promoting the idea to take these substances to any individual, for it is my philosophy that one should be allowed to do their own research before making these decisions. These things are not for everyone. The war on consciousness wages on…)

Consequentially, once we begin to balance ourselves through ‘detached’ or ‘altered’ states of consciousness, we notice that our thoughts, emotions, and actions come together beautifully. Our parasitic ego begins to dissolve as it no longer has anything to fear. Our habits, desires, impulses, and streams of thought are more controlled and less chaotic. Many changes can occur in the lifestyle of someone who is new to these types of things; such as dietary changes, career adjustments, relationship changes, new-found inspiration, creativity, and an overall positive mood. Repressed memories from childhood may rise to the surface of consciousness to be dealt with in a mature manner. It may seem that change comes swiftly when these practices are implemented into life, but know that positive change is never a bad thing. Just remember – don’t worry about what anyone thinks about you. It is far more important to live your life in a way that makes you happy than to meet the standards of another person or establishment. When we begin to take better care of ourselves mentally and inwardly, it seems to send out tiny ripples of energy throughout the world. (You know how much we need it now.) It is never considered selfish or wrong to seek new personal relationships and friendships with more like-minded individuals, so don’t beat yourself up if things in your life turn toward a new direction. This is just a ride, after all. A drama. A dance of energies flowing in and out. Enjoy it while you can.



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